• In our work we seek to encourage more California residents to reduce the use of water while crating beautiful sustainable friendly gardens for our clients helping re-connect people to the outdoors.
  • Use our knowledge of California native and drought tolerant plants to offer a large variety of colors providing refuge for native wildlife maintaining our natural ecosystems.
  • Install a smart, efficient and functional drip irrigation systems that delivers the correct amount of water to each plant sparingly and thoughtfully.
  • We care to provide conscientious, respectful and reliable service and support to all of our clients.

Today, we have filled our landscape with palm trees, citrus groves and hibiscus, glorifying in our ability to create tropical paradises and English gardens. In doing so, we changed the look, the feel, the smell and even the sound of our landscape. California’s California friendly Garden is rarely seen.

Our Services include custom landscape design and instillation of :

California Friendly-Drought Tolerant Gardens

  • Typically, the term describes the type of plant and ground cover. material used in the design of an outdoor space. Drought tolerant plants are either plants that are native to California Mediterranean climate or non-native plants that are adaptable to the local climate and have similar water-use requirements as the native plant species. The Mediterranean climate is typically characterized by warm, dry summers and cool to mild, wet winters. Drought tolerant gardens are attractive, enjoyable and environmentally sensible.



The word ‘xeriscape’ is derived from the Greek word ‘zeros’ meaning dry and was coined by the Denver Water Board to describe a type of landscaping that would be appropriate for the arid West. xeriscape can assume any style: from a contemporary look to a woodland feel, a cottage garden, a hot desert garden, and even a very conventional and traditional style, among others. A ‘zeroscape’ is a landscape compromised of nothing but rocks, usually gravel devoid of plants, and still get weeds!



A style of landscaping combing principles of Japanese traditional dry-stone gardening in outdoors or inside the house, building or in any secular space. Here in the west, we are familiar with the term ‘Zen Garden’ rather than ‘Kare-san-Sui’ Garden. An entire philosophy and life expression made manifest in stone.


We make it easy to start saving Water and Money

Book your free consultation
Fill out the insert in the HOME page or Contact us to book your free consultation with a professional DTG consultant.

At-Home Free Consultation
DTG Consultant will measure your lawn and will review your needs to assess the current conditions of your own lawn/garden. After reviewing our support materials and answer some questions, ground covers and plants suggestions will be made to give you a peek at what is possible in your space.
The consultant will give to the customer a “Quick Estimate” for the total cost of the project.


Free Conecptual Design and Final Cost Summary Breakdown
After reviewing the “Quick Estimate” if you are interested in moving forward with Drought Tolerant Gardeners, will prepare FREE of CHARGE 1 or 2 connect plans and related graphics to show different sustainable design options; The final cost summary breakdown along with all other proposed areas scope of work, materials, equipment and other materials to be used; The payment Plan and the Job Term. Afterwards we can open options, comments, critique and voice you opinion the new will re-define the idea. Designs are ever changing, your opinion is a must since this is ultimately going to be your dream garden.

First Day 

Upon proposal and payment plan acceptance, DTG will place all plants, ground cover and other material, supplies and equipment prior to installation. Permenant supervision will be made to ensure that the project is being installed accurately and smoothly.

Installation Process

DTG services will consist of the following steps and activities, which will be performed on the portions of customers property.

  • Check the existing irrigation system.
  • Tap or cancel the existing springers in the grass/trf areas.
  • Mechanically removing all sod/grass, till, mix and leveling the remaining soil.
  • First grass/weed killer spray
  • Second grass/weed killer spray (after 24 Hours)
  • Digging holes for new plants installation.
  • Installing a variety of plants according to the customer choose. We are happy to install additional plants or landscape elements the homeowner purchased before installation day.
  • Installing a low-flow / micro drip irrigation system.
  • Third grass/weed killer spray
  • Installing a weed barrier
  • Spreading ground cover thoroughly over the approved design
  • Final cleanup
  • Take out all green and regular trash

Supervision & Final Inspection 

Permenant supervision will be made to ensure that the project is being installed accurately and smoothly.

Ground Covers

To keep and protect wild life we use in all projects 100% Mulch or a combination of 40% mulch and 60 % Natural stone.